Trump is joined by South Carolina leaders at New Hampshire rally as he tries to undercut Haley

[ad_1] MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (AP) — Donald Trump surrounded himself with leaders from Nikki Haley’s home state in a show of strength ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Trump was joined at a rally at the NHU Arena in Manchester Saturday night by South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, the state’s lieutenant … Read more

Nikki Haley has spent 20 years navigating Republican Party factions. Trump may make that impossible

[ad_1] When Nikki Haley was a South Carolina legislator, she backed budgets boosted by federal aid. Running for governor, she criticized a “bailout culture” and dependence on Washington. She once called the Confederate battle flag a heritage symbol and sidestepped calls to remove it from statehouse grounds. After a racist massacre in Charleston, Haley moved … Read more


Title: Crafting Nectar Elixirs: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Hummingbird Food at Home – Balancing Delight and Responsibility Introduction: The delicate and enchanting hummingbirds, with their iridescent plumage and rapid wingbeats, have captivated the hearts of nature enthusiasts around the world. Attracting these tiny wonders to your backyard is not only a rewarding experience but … Read more

How To make money on Laptop

Unveiling the Digital Frontier: Making Money Online with Your Laptop – Balancing Losses and Profits Introduction: In ebbed-evolving landscape of the digital age, the laptop has become more than just a device for work and leisure; it has transformed into a gateway for various online opportunities. From freelancing to e-commerce, the internet offers an array … Read more

Bold Changes Are in Store for Medi-Cal in 2024, but Will Patients Benefit?

[ad_1] California’s safety-net health program, Medi-Cal, is on the cusp of major changes that could rectify long-standing problems and improve health care for the state’s low-income population. Starting Jan. 1, Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid program, will implement new standardized contracts with its 22 managed care health plans, which collectively cover 99% of enrollees. The new contracts … Read more

Cancer Patients Face Frightening Delays in Treatment Approvals

[ad_1] Marine Corps veteran Ron Winters clearly recalls his doctor’s sobering assessment of his bladder cancer diagnosis in August 2022. “This is bad,” the 66-year-old Durant, Oklahoma, resident remembered his urologist saying. Winters braced for the fight of his life. Little did he anticipate, however, that he wouldn’t be waging war only against cancer. He … Read more

2023 Is a Wrap – KFF Health News

[ad_1] The Host Even without covid dominating the headlines, 2023 was a busy year for health policy. The ever-rising cost of health care remained an issue plaguing patients and policymakers alike, while millions of Americans lost insurance coverage as states redetermined eligibility for their Medicaid programs in the wake of the public health emergency. Meanwhile, … Read more

Inside the Pentagon’s Painfully Slow Effort to Clean Up Decades of PFAS Contamination

[ad_1] Hannah Norman, KFF Health News and Patricia Kime Oscoda, Michigan, has the distinction as the first community where “forever chemicals” were found seeping from a military installation into the surrounding community. Beginning in 2010, state officials and later residents who lived near the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base were horrified to learn that the … Read more

Deep Flaws in FDA Oversight of Medical Devices, and Patient Harm, Exposed in Lawsuits and Records

[ad_1] (Oona Tempest/KFF Health News) Living with diabetes, Carlton “PeeWee” Gautney Jr. relied on a digital device about the size of a deck of playing cards to pump insulin into his bloodstream. The pump, manufactured by device maker Medtronic, connected plastic tubing to an insulin reservoir, which Gautney set to release doses of the vital … Read more