Essential Cloud Computing Skills for Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing has made significant progress since its inception and continues to be a major focus in the industry. It has allowed companies to save time and money through efficient automation. Among the leading platforms for cloud computing is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has transformed organizations and IT professionals worldwide. AWS offers numerous possibilities, from creating scalable applications to utilizing artificial intelligence.

Whether you are a beginner aiming to become a cloud engineer or an experienced IT professional seeking career advancement, mastering AWS skills can open doors to exciting opportunities and keep you ahead in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. In this article, we will explore the boundless potential of AWS skills and the impact they can have on your resume. Additionally, we’ll discuss the benefits of becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, a rewarding role worth exploring.

Why Should You Learn AWS?

AWS has revolutionized how businesses expand and thrive in the digital age. From seamless scalability to robust security measures, learning AWS equips you with the tools to establish and maintain industry-standard practices, ensuring success in today’s competitive landscape.

Here are a few more reasons for why you should learn AWS:

  • AWS enables businesses to scale their infrastructure efficiently and control costs effectively.
  • It provides access to cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, empowering businesses to stay at the forefront of innovation.
  • AWS offers powerful data analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to derive valuable insights and make informed decisions.
  • Learning AWS opens lucrative career opportunities, with a high demand for professionals skilled in AWS technologies.

Top AWS Skills You Should Learn

Here are the top skills required for AWS developers that can benefit developers and programmers interested in AWS. Cloud Computing courses talk in detail about AWS skills and how to deploy them for the best results.

Java, Python, and C# are extensively used in AWS. They are popularly used as these languages are easy to learn and have their advantages. Java is a popular language and can be easily learnt. 

Python is reliable for its library of packages which serves as a go-to guide for programmers. On the other hand, C# is vital for its AWS .NET SDK package.

●     Data Storage Fundamental 

Amazon encourages various data storage solutions like storage, security, and effective data management as part of their AWS basics. Here are some of the ways in which AWS programmers can benefit from these data storage fundamentals.

  1. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): Amazon’s S3 is a service not limited to Amazon’s primary services. These include an overall object storage facility resource in data availability, performance, and high scalability. 
  2. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS): EBS deals with block-level storage facilities used along with Amazon EC2 and can greatly benefit AWS operations.
  3. Amazon DynamoDB: DynamoDB is a flexible NoSQL database service utilized in multiple applications; the benefits of this interface include high latency and consistency on a large scale.

AWS developer skills specialise in different aspects of serving such as dealing with the intricacies of AWS and resolving each issue with perfection. With the help of AWS, users can learn about several features that streamline the data production. 

Additionally, developers can use multiple uses like optimizing allocations of resources, managing costs, and streamlining operational performances. 

AWS security foundations rely on several features, including Identity and access management (IAM), CloudTrail, Network Access Control Lists (ACLs), CloudWatch, and encryption facilities. It enables its clients to securely access AWS resources for use on their applications. CloudTrail is another service that tracks API calls and delivers log files in the Amazon S3 budget.  In the same way, CloudWatch overlooks the collection and tracking of metrics and logs in the AWS resources. AWS’s encryption services are responsible for a range of security services for ensuring the best outcome of data safety.

  • Configuration Management (Infrastructure as a Service) 

Configuration management (I-a-a-S) deals with several enactments on cloud infrastructure control and automation. 

It offers users a tool to access servers, storage, and networking. Configuration Management’s main advantage is offering a single dashboard to users for carrying on their tasks without much hassle.

AWS cloud practitioner skills can always work as an advantage for users. AWS cloud architecture handles the building and management of applications for easy access throughout the platform. It bases itself on the AWS Well-Architected Framework for designing and operations management.

  • Cloud-specific Patterns and Technologies

Amazon’s AWS cloud-specific patterns include serverless architecture, container services, and cloud-native storage systems. 

Apart front these, it also deals with microservices. Its main task is finding a coherent dashboard to make applications more accessible. In conclusion, AWS architect skills can serve as an asset.

Top Job Roles with AWS Skills

AWS skills are among the most popularly used globally, with over 41.5% of users utilizing it for various tasks. Here are the job roles that AWS experts can seek:

Cloud Architect has many job roles surrounding the skill set: AWS Architects, AWS Solutions Architects, and AWS Cloud Architects. The job roles require AWS proficiency and the surrounding technical skillset associated with the position. Moreover, AWS Solution Architect skills are highly relevant.

Salary range: USD 132,212 to 187,546

2.   Cloud DevOps Engineer 

AWS DevOps skills are unique, with Software developers taking up projects requiring a certain technical mindset. 

Salary range: USD 120,000 to 170,073

A cloud consultant’s job requires them to be part of databases that require rigorous administration. They must also be data analytics professionals, which aids them in the entire process. 

Salary range: USD 117,000 to 170,288

  • Cloud Security Engineer 

As a Cloud Security Engineer, skills can be one’s primary asset. It includes complying with the local, national, and international regulatory boards. Additionally, the candidate will handle confidential company and customer data.

Salary range: USD 119,988 to 178,399

  • Cloud Systems Administrator 

A Cloud Systems administrator is responsible for installing, configuring, and handling the entire infrastructure operations. As an engineer in this field, one can expect to take analytical parts of the job, including software management.

Salary Range: USD 103,175 to 175,273

An AWS Cloud Developer handles all software services and enterprise-level projects. AWS cloud skills include all tenets of a Cloud Developer’s job, along with the AWS certification, which is an added advantage.

Salary range: USD 110,698 to 164,976

Top Hiring Companies with AWS Skills

Some of the top companies hiring for the role of AWS professionals are listed below. It is a comprehensive list that mentions all the major organizations currently looking for experienced candidates.

1. AWS 

Amazon Web Services is a well-established subsidiary of Amazon and is one of the reputed cloud platforms globally. Its business specializes in data analytics, logistics, machine learning (ML), and blockchain, among other industries.

  • Company specialization: Technology
  • Roles available: AWS Cloud Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, and AWS Consultant.

2. Salesforce 

Salesforce is a global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market leader. It specializes in artificial intelligence and cloud computing services: Commerce Cloud and Customer Data Platform (CDP).

  • Company specialization: Technology
  • Roles available: Service Cloud Architect, Solutions Architect for Marketing Cloud, Full-stack Software Engineer, and Lead Developer for Marketing Cloud.

3. Tata Consultancy Services 

Tata Consultancy Services from the TATA group is one of the most widely known consultancy firms worldwide. Its services expand in different areas like business solutions, technologies, and logistics.

  • Company specialization: Technology
  • Roles available: AWS Data Engineer and AWS Engineer.

4. Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s well-known cloud-computing space specializing in cloud services, including data analytics. It is also proficient in storage and networking. AWS cloud engineer skills are a good way to start with AWS services.

  • Company specialization: Technology
  • Roles available: Cloud Architect, Cloud Solution Architect, Alliance Manager, Cloud Engineer, AWS Software Architect, AWS, and Azure Cloud SME.

5. Deloitte 

Deloitte is one of the leading KPMG companies focusing on auditing, banking and securities, and insurance and investment. Apart from these areas, it also focuses on consulting and risk advisory. 

  • Company specialization: Audit, Banking, and Securities
  • Roles available: Enterprise Cloud Architect – Infrastructure and Security (AWS), Senior Cloud Native Engineer, AWS Cloud Automation Engineer, AWS DevOps Solutions Architect, Senior DevOps Engineer, and AWS Cloud Architect.


Undoubtedly, cloud computing continues to stand at the forefront of modern technologies. The demand for Amazon cloud skills has soared as numerous organizations embrace its advantages, making this expertise highly coveted in the job market.

Concurrently, job positions like AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Consultant, and AWS Engineer have gained prominence due to their association with this skill set. Therefore, possessing AWS Engineer skills has become imperative in the present professional landscape.

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