A Complete Earnings Salary 2023

Google Cloud has emerged as a leading player in cloud computing and technology solutions. Research suggests that the global cloud computing industry is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.3%, from USD 445.3 billion in 2021 to USD 947.3 billion by 2026. As more organizations migrate to the cloud, the demand for skilled professionals proficient in Google Cloud services is rising.

If you’re considering a career in Google Cloud, it’s natural to wonder about the potential earnings, career growth opportunities, and best Cloud training courses. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the average earnings of Google Cloud professionals in 2023.

Who is a Google Cloud Engineer?

Google Cloud Engineer is a capable individual who creates, develops, and maintains cloud-based solutions leveraging Google Cloud Platform technology. These engineers have an in-depth knowledge of GCP services, infrastructure, and best practices, allowing them to architect scalable and secure cloud solutions tailored to specific business requirements. Google Cloud Engineers must thoroughly understand cloud computing concepts and technologies and have programming experience with Python, Java, and Go. They must also work individually and collaboratively, fulfill deadlines, and deliver high-quality work.

Google Cloud Engineer Salary in 2023 

Let’s look at the Google Cloud associate engineer’s salary in 2023 and gain insights into their competitive salaries:

Google Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Experience


For individuals entering the realm of Google Cloud engineering, the beginner stage marks an exciting learning and professional growth journey. As an entry-level Google Cloud engineer, one can anticipate earning $86,053 annually.


You have a good foundation in Google Cloud Platform and practical experience designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based solutions as an intermediate Google Cloud engineer. An intermediate Google Cloud engineer can earn an average annual salary up to $89,500. Google’s Strategic Cloud Engineer is a further specialization that deserves consideration. The average strategic cloud engineer Google salary can range from $89500 t0 $127,500.


As an advanced Google Cloud engineer, your experience and knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem can increase your salary. Becoming a Google Cloud Security Engineer is an important specialization. In light of the growing significance of protecting cloud-based systems, these professionals are crucial in ensuring data protection and cybersecurity. The Google Cloud Security Engineer’s salary is $255,871 per year.

In addition, professionals who want to learn Cloud Computing can pursue the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification to demonstrate their advanced skills in designing and implementing GCP data processing systems. These certifications increase marketability and salary potential. Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer’s salary can average $170,060 per annum.

Google Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Location

The pay scale for Google Cloud engineers varies in different countries based on various factors. Let’s talk about the Google Cloud Engineer’s salary based on location and nation.

1. India

The typical Google Cloud salary for engineers in India varies depending on several variables, including the candidate’s qualifications, background, and employer. The average yearly income for a Google Cloud Engineer in India is 6.0 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.4 Lakhs to 17.5 Lakhs. The following table shows the average google cloud engineer salary in various cities and companies in India.

Cities Salary (In INR)
Noida 13 LPA
Chennai 10 LPA
Bengaluru 30 LPA
Delhi 24 LPA
Mumbai 15 LPA
Pune 13 LPA
Hyderabad 12 LPA
Kolkata 10 LPA
Companies Average Salary (In INR)
Google 11-66 LPA
Apple 28.8-35.2 LPA
TCS 5 -25 LPA
Cognizant 5-21 LPA
Infosys 5-15 LPA
IBM 8-27 LPA
Capgemini 5-16 LPA

2. USA

The following table shows the average google cloud engineer salary in various cities and companies in the USA.

Cities Average Salary
Charlotte, NC $128,733.75
San Francisco, CA $125,429.62
Atlanta, GA $119,974
Austin, TX $118,060.13
Companies Salary range
AWS $140,000 and $150,00
Microsoft $89,149 and $183,116
Google $134,000 to $174,000

3. Australia

Google Cloud salary is $145,000 annually or $925 daily in Australia. Senior-level occupations can earn up to $180,000 annually, while entry-level jobs start at $132,500. The offered salary and rate information includes superannuation and should only be used as a general guide. The following table shows the average google cloud engineer salary in various cities and companies in Australia.

City Salary
Melbourne $132,011
Sydney $126,235
Canberra $211,085
Perth $125,638
Companies Salary
Transport for NSW $144,222
Contino $138,976

4. Canada

In Canada, google Cloud software engineer salary is $127,516 a year or $65.39 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $156,576 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $122,702 annually. The following table shows the average google cloud engineer salary in various cities and companies in Canada.

City Salary
Victoria, BC $108,788
Calgary, AB $101,512
Vancouver $103,608
Company Salary
isgSearch $161,277
CPP Investments $133,789
Scotiabank $109,612
Intact $119,276

5. Singapore

The average monthly payment for a Cloud Engineer position in Singapore is between $4,500 and $6,000. The following table shows the average google cloud engineer salary in various cities and companies in Singapore.

City Salary
Outram $7,968
Singapore $6,795
Bedok $6,300
Company Salary
Google $14,339
GIC $11,729
ByteDance $11,672

Google Cloud engineers have great opportunities across the world, and one with basic skill sets and experience can get a job in the desired country and can make choices based on individual needs. The Cloud professional data engineer salary is dependent on the skill set and company as well.

Factors Affecting Google Cloud Engineer Salary

Let’s explore the key factors that affect Google Cloud engineer salaries:


Location plays an important factor in determining the salaries of Google Cloud engineers. For example, the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer’s salary in Dallas may be around $197,078 per year, whereas, in a city with a lower cost of living, such as San Francisco, it may vary from $120,000 to $187,000 per year. Due to differences in the cost of living and local market conditions, the geographic location directly affects the salary range.

Industry / Employer / Company

The industry, employer, or organization a Google Cloud engineer, works in can affect their salary. The Google Cloud Customer Engineer salary at a leading IT company may be between $65,000 and $164,000 per year, compared to $52,000 to $129,000 per year in the legal industry. To attract and retain top talent in the Google Cloud engineering field, renowned technology companies and large enterprises frequently offer competitive compensation packages.


Experience is a major factor in determining a Google Cloud Support Engineer’s salary or any other Google Cloud engineer position. With increased experience, the earning potential of professionals increases. A Google Cloud Infrastructure Engineer’s salary with experience can range from $180,086 to $121,875 for an entry-level engineer. 

Demand and Supply

The demand and supply of qualified Google Cloud engineers impact salary levels. As a specialized position, the Google Cloud DevOps Engineer salary can be in high demand and frequently command a premium salary. Professionals with the necessary knowledge and credentials can capitalize on the talent shortage in these specialized fields. 

Credentials / Certifications

Obtaining relevant credentials and certifications can significantly affect the salary of a Google Cloud engineer. Let’s look at different certifications and how they can help in increasing the salary:

Associate Cloud Engineer

Google Cloud’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification is an entry-level certification. It is intended for individuals who have a solid understanding of the Google Cloud Platform and are proficient in deploying, monitoring, and managing applications on Google Cloud. Employers mostly value certified professionals and are willing to offer competitive compensation packages to those who possess this certification. Certification demonstrates proficiency and dedication to professional development, which can validate a higher starting salary than candidates without certification.

Professional Cloud Architect

Google Cloud’s Professional Cloud Architect certification is designed for experienced cloud architects. It validates their ability to design and administer dependable cloud solutions on the Google Cloud platform. It demonstrates that an individual possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to design highly available and scalable cloud solutions that satisfy the unique requirements of organizations. Due to their ability to design and manage complex cloud architectures that align with business objectives and deliver value, these professionals can command higher salaries.

Professional Data Engineer

Google Cloud’s Professional Data Engineer certification is intended for individuals with the skills necessary to design and develop data processing systems on the Google Cloud platform. Professionals with the Professional Data Engineer certification have the skills to work on complex data projects, manage a variety of data sources, and extract meaningful insights from data. Their ability to design scalable data solutions and optimize data processing pipelines can contribute to greater business success and salary.

Professional Cloud Developer

Google Cloud’s Professional Cloud Developer certification is intended for individuals with the skills required to develop and deploy applications on the Google Cloud platform. With the increasing demand for cloud developers who can create applications that leverage the scalability and adaptability of cloud platforms, the Professional Cloud Developer certification can significantly boost career prospects. 

Cloud developers with this certification are in high demand by companies seeking to leverage Google Cloud for application development. Due to their ability to design and develop applications that align with business requirements and maximize the potential of Google Cloud services, they can command higher salaries. 


The engineer’s mastery of specific skills also influences the Google Cloud network engineer’s salary. Due to their strategic significance and market demand, specialized skills in fields such as data engineering, security, infrastructure, customer support, and DevOps engineering can command higher salaries. Keeping informed of the most recent Google Cloud ecosystem skills, technologies, and best practices increases a professional’s value and earning potential. Let’s look at some of the skills required by a Google Cloud Engineer:

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Proficiency in cloud computing concepts and in-depth knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform are fundamental skills for a Google Cloud Engineer. These skills can contribute to a salary of about ₹10 LPA.

Infrastructure as Code

Familiarity with IaC tools like Terraform or Deployment Manager enables the automation and management of cloud infrastructure. The average salary for a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer is ₹6.8 LPA.

Networking and Security

Security is a critical skill for any cloud engineer. Cloud Engineers must be able to design, implement, and maintain secure cloud environments. The average salary for a Security Engineer is ₹8.5 LPA.

Scripting and Automation

Proficiency in scripting languages like Python or Bash enables the automation of routine tasks and enhances operational efficiency. The average salary of a Cloud Automation Engineer is ₹9.5 LPA.

How to Improve Google Cloud Engineer Salary?

Let’s look at the ways to improve Google Cloud Engineer Salary.


To increase your Google Cloud engineer salary, one of the most important factors is continually developing and expanding your skills. Keep abreast of the most recent advancements in cloud technologies, especially within the Google Cloud ecosystem. Develop expertise in specialized areas on Google Cloud, such as technical solutions and network engineering. You can boost your salary by improving your skills and staying current on industry trends. Employers pay more for in-demand professionals.


Acquiring relevant certifications, such as Associate Google Cloud Engineer or Professional Cloud Architect, is an additional effective method of increasing your Google Cloud engineer salary. These certifications validate your proficiency and expertise with Google Cloud technologies. Generally, certified professionals earn higher salaries than those without certifications. Invest time in preparing for and acquiring certifications that align with your career objectives and passions, as they serve as tangible evidence of your skills and can set you apart from other job candidates.


A degree isn’t necessary to become a Google Cloud engineer, but it can boost your salary. A degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar discipline provides a good foundation. A degree can demonstrate your dedication to learning and may be valued by employers, which could result in a higher Google Cloud Technical Solutions Engineer Salary. 


Gaining practical experience is important to boost your Google Cloud Infrastructure Engineer Salary. As you gain experience, your value to potential employers grows. Find real-world projects through internships, freelancing jobs, or full-time work. You can negotiate a higher salary and gain access to more senior positions by navigating complex projects and delivering results. Consider accepting challenging projects that will enable you to demonstrate your abilities and build a solid record of accomplishments.

Why are Google Cloud Engineers paid so much?

Numerous factors contribute to the high earning potential of Google Cloud Engineers, resulting in frequently high salaries. The increasing demand for cloud computing expertise contributes to the high salaries of Google Cloud Engineers, such as Associate Google Cloud Engineers and Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineers. As more firms go to the cloud, demand for architects, deployers, and managers has skyrocketed.

The required level of specialization and expertise also contributes to the attractive Associate Google Cloud Engineer salary or Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer salary. In particular, Google Cloud Software Engineers have advanced expertise in developing cloud-based applications and solutions utilizing Google Cloud technologies.

Moreover, the technical difficulty of working with Google Cloud technologies contributes to the high Google Cloud Software Engineer salary. Engineers at Google Cloud must have a thorough knowledge of cloud services such as virtual machines, databases, networking, and security.


The increasing popularity of cloud technologies continues to increase the demand for qualified Google Cloud Engineers. This demand exceeds the supply of qualified professionals, resulting in competitive salaries. It is important to acquire and hone the required skills to maximize Google Cloud Data Engineer’s salary. Continuous education and awareness of the most recent advancements in cloud technologies are essential. KnowledgeHut’s best Cloud training courses equip professionals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their field. Therefore, take the next step and enroll today to unlock your full potential as a Google Cloud Engineer.

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